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Campus Security

Strengthening safety at Educational and Religious campuses has become incredibly important. In order to have much more safe & secure campuses, an innovative security system is required.

Thinking of ways to boost security within your campus? Let us help draw up your security plan.

At DNP, we stick to “Do one thing, and do it perfectly”. We know our industry, how it works and what our client expectations are. Whether you require one plain clothes agent, several armed guards, or ongoing surveillance we have the experienced professionals, surveillance technology, and strategic planning expertise to deliver a customized solution to the security your students, faculty, and employees deserve.

Because we provide an in-depth analysis of your security requirements, you will receive the right, balanced security plan for your business. The planned security system will include student identification cards which can track students who are within the building. It can also track those who enter the campus after the recommended hours and even locking down doors and gates while in a different location.

We believe in conducting yearly audits and always look for ways to improve in campus safety. We love to impress and, not just perform..

We provide all aspects of services with our security professionals extensively trained to deter incidents before they occur, respond to incidents when they occur, and provide exceptional customer service. They know they can depend on us to be proactive and highly professional. We aim at providing our customers with a reliable and cost-effective service that gives total reassurance.

We offer the highest customer service to our clients, providing dedicated support where nothing is ever too much for us. And the same goes for our staff. Working round the clock we ensure that we develop strong and long term working relationships with our prospective clients. Our commitment to providing the highest level of quality care to clients has earned us a reputation of excellence.

Contact us today and see how we can tailor a campus security solution that's a perfect fit for you, including;

  • Religious campuses

    Religious campuses have unique threats. DNP has years of experience offering security services to various religious & multi-cultural organizations all over the world. It is important to secure a religious campus and still be inviting to

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  • Educational campuses

    Any instance of crime or violence at your campus affects students, parents, faculty, staff, visitors and the surrounding community. Violence in schools, colleges & university campuses includes everything from harassment, bullying, threatening

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  • Private campuses

    Recent history has unfortunately shown the vulnerabilities of our private campuses to all types of threats and violence. Our services are focused and tailored to foster the smooth operation of each campus and meet each client’s specific needs.DNP provides trained

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