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Event Security

Most of us must have attended various events & concerts & as we all know, in events with lots of people, things can quickly get out of hand. Hence the security, health and safety of our clients, colleagues and the general public are essential. An event without security can be havoc.

The needs of the general public that attend your event should be understood well and taken into consideration the special requirements that some of your visitors may have.

Let us help you plan your next special event and make it the best yet. We make it our job to ensure that everything runs smoothly and professionally.

Planning an event takes a lot of thought and coordination and so does Security. We thoroughly research your event in order to ensure that all potential issues are considered and challenges overcome; such as crowd dynamics, entry procedures, emergency evacuation, incident responses, close protection for VIP’s, pit staff for a live events etc, making sure we manage every aspect of security.

DNP does not just provide 'guards on gates’, but also ensures that all security solutions are planned, implemented, monitored and controlled by our experienced, professional management team, so you can let your hair down and have fun. We have the experience and expertise to help your event go off without a hitch.

Our Event security team has been put together with the best security guards. DNP has decades of experience in successfully planning and delivering a diverse portfolio of events; ranging from small community events to more complex events. We work closely with our clients from the early stages of the planning process, to ensure that assignment solutions are tailor-made to the specific requirements of the client.

We can supply services tailored to your specific needs of the events specific needs to make the event a success. It is this attention to detail that can make a huge difference to the audience experience, bringing back your visitors, year after year for a fun, SAFE and joyous occasion . We can deal dynamically with any issues that arise at any time.

You can count on us to offer you customized event security solutions, including:

  • Banquets

    Banquet halls are popular locations for corporate events, weddings and other party-style events. Consequently, your banquet hall may be seasonally busy or booked almost every day of the year. If your hall caters to gatherings then there is added risk

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  • Private Function

    A simple suburban party can be ruined by a few gate crashers, unfortunately nowadays; this is becoming an increasing trend at many private functions.If you are worried about uninvited people causing problems, damage to property, fights?

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  • Concerts

    Concerts often attract drunken crowds, drug dealing, drug abuse, individuals or gangs attempting to obtain unpaid entry, stretching Police resources to the limits & often ending in tragic circumstances and crowd scuffles.Our security agents

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