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Retail Security

High Technology innovations have changed the way you do business, allowing you to innovate and grow faster and compete across the globe. But changing how you work and where you work changes the threats you face.

The primary objective of any business organization is to maximize the profits. We understand the need for retailers to invest in the right security solutions that deters shop theft and enhances the customers ‘ shopping experience and their loyalty to their brands and stores. The installation of high technology CCTV systems alone will not prevent shop lifting and stock loss. We at DNP can help you keep your profits rolling & make it difficult for theft to happen, total security solution to make your premises a much safer place to shop.

Management at DNP have years of experience supplying comprehensive security solutions to our clients through a combination of carefully selected & well trained personnel who are totally focused on theft and crime prevention. Our managers and instructors emphasize on training and preparing our guards and staff in areas of concern to meet your security needs.

Our highly visible security officers patrol the parking areas & internal shopping complex of Malls, Restaurants & at product releases. All the entrances and exit points are also monitored to spot potential criminal elements. However, there is plenty you can do to reduce and/or prevent retail loss.

We offer world class support services to our clients which have led them to greater profitability. We are proud of the fact that, over the past 10 years our hard work, commitment and dedication has had fantastic results & we have seen impressive growth in terms of numbers of clients and the range of services we now provide. We always ask for and listen to the feedback we receive from the clients in order to achieve continual improvement across all areas of our services.

Consequently, we have an extraordinary customer retention rate that is achieved by consistently delivering results for our clients.

We’re proud to have been recognized for excellence both as a security provider, and as a dedicated management team.

We are never satisfied to sit back and rest on our laurels. Enough reason then, to have security that's effective, efficient and comprehensive. One that leaves you feeling secure at all times.

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  • Malls

    Every shopping mall, regardless of how safe the surrounding area, they present a wide range of safety and security concerns.Being known as an unsafe shopping mall is the quickest way to kill business and profits.The presence of professionally dressed

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  • Restaurants

    Bars and restaurants face multiple security challenges on a daily basis.The competitor down the street is not the only threat your business faces today.With constantly changing customer base and high employee turnover, bars and restaurants are particularly

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  • Product Releases

    Planning to release a new product into your retail store? Launch it with Confidence. Theft and disorderly conduct related incidents may result to be a realistic threat to your business. The location needs to be safe and convenient for your attendees

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